Top 8 Cat Memes Purrfect for Work



As any respectable cat lady will tell you, Sunday, August 8, is International Cat Day. To celebrate, the MICPA has scoured the web in search of the top 7 cat memes for each day of the week which you can use to share (or, possibly, annoy) your coworkers, family, friends or anyone still speaking to you, really.

8. I should Buy a Boat

This sophisticated feline is the perfect meme for those seeking to add some class to their office email/Teams/Slack exchanges. He (she?) is beauty, he is grace. Your colleagues will either groan or coo at his wittle anthropomorphic face.


7. Colonel Meow

With his squinty eyes and nobly tussled mane, Colonel Meow will do all the salty salting for you.


6. Front Cam Kitty

Because no one will thank you for that up the nose shot…


5. Catty About Coffee

It’s Monday morning, you woke up ten minutes after standup was supposed to start and you’re out of coffee.


4. Not So Innocent Kitty

It’s your first day back to the office…and someone ate your Lean Cuisine. (There’s teriyaki and sesame seed on your tie, KEVIN, I know it was YOU!)

3. Hello Kitty

When your direct report leaves you on read.


2. Kitty Mittens Because…

Winter is coming. #relatable


1. Like a Cat Boss

A fun way to tell your team they have to work late…or a fun way to mock your boss for asking you to work late?


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Source: MICPA

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