Have You Protected What’s Most Important?



Time…it flies by. Days, months, years - gone before you know it.
Our livelihoods…New job, no job, retirement.
Families…Marriage, divorce, children, grandchildren. 
Stuff…Houses, cars, college tuition, vacations, retirement plans, legacies.

This is life! It tends to take over and unless we are disciplined and focused, just living life can easily distract most of us from what is really important – protecting those we have invited into our lives. The people we have committed to protecting – a spouse, partner, children, maybe even parents or grandchildren. That’s why we do what we do. It’s about ensuring those we love are cared for, get what they need, and have a shot at getting what they want.  

If you are like most, protecting what is important means having plans – a college tuition plan, a retirement plan, a rainy-day fund. Your plan may also include “eating right” and exercising.

Even so, while we can work hard to mitigate risk, it is impossible to eliminate it entirely. What we can do, however, is reduce the consequences to loved ones when the unexpected happens – like income loss due to premature death.

One of the ways to manage the uncertainty of life is by having adequate life insurance. It’s important protection that just about everyone needs, yet far too few people have it or have enough of it.   

Whether you are young and healthy, hitting your stride or looking towards retirement, it can be easy to put off purchasing coverage. But the longer you wait, the greater the chances of something happening before you get yourself covered. By then, it could be tough, if not impossible, to get what you want and need.

Maybe buying or supplementing existing life insurance has been on your to-do list for a while, and you just haven’t gotten around to it yet. If so, we can help. The Paul Goebel Group has been administering insurance programs for the MICPA since 1978, assisting MICPA members with their insurance needs.   

Life insurance is the cornerstone of sound financial planning. Call the Paul Goebel Group and speak to a representative today at 616-234-5602. Or, visit them online at

Source: MICPA

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