Bringing Dreams Into Focus



Like many CPAs, Raymond Poirier was inspired by a family member’s career in accounting. His dad was a certified financial advisor who encouraged his son to pursue a CPA track that would open additional doors. Raymond took that advice and never looked back. He’s been opening doors—and enabling dreams—for himself and his clients ever since.

During his years as a manager in Rehmann’s Solutions Department, Raymond saw that the role of CPA and the industry itself were changing rapidly. “The days of CPAs being ‘tax people’ are in the past,” says Raymond, “and technology is enabling that evolution.” By automating the transactional aspects of the work, digital tools are freeing CPAs to focus on building relationships and serving as trusted operational consultants. In 2020, Raymond left the firm to  pursue his entrepreneurial dream—opening a business that helps organizations not only strengthen their financial performance, but also improve how their company functions.  

As Owner/Founder of RP Financial CPA LLC, Raymond works closely with businesses to help improve billing systems, streamline payroll processing, and simplify tax planning so clients can focus more on what they love: serving their customers and growing their business. Freeing clients to focus on their dreams is a constant source of inspiration for Raymond. “I love my work, and I love helping clients get excited about their future. Whether they want to double their business in five years, retire in seven years, or build a legacy for future generations, I say great – let’s build the roadmap to get you there.” It’s an advisory role that CPAs are uniquely qualified to fill.

Raymond is proud that businesses respect the prestige of the CPA community. He notes that while thousands of new “advisors” and “consultants” crop up online each year, CPAs are state-licensed, credentialed professionals who have objectively proven their expertise. That deep level of trust has helped RP Financial experience rapid growth and gain clients across the country (an unexpected silver lining of remote work during the pandemic). “During a time of extreme uncertainty, CPAs stand apart as a trusted voice for business leaders. I’m proud of our community and the role we’re playing.”

We’re recognizing stories like Raymond’s leading up to our very first Michigan CPA Appreciation Day on October 25. Stay tuned for more examples of how your MICPA colleagues are making a difference and share your story on social media tagging the MICPA and using the hashtag #CPAAppreciationDay.

Source: MICPA

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