Accountancy Among Happiest Careers in America



Of course, not every accountant loves their job, but a recent survey conducted by Moneypenny revealed that accountancy, banking and finance professionals are among those Americans most happy with their careers, Fast Company reports1. The findings also revealed that the accounting profession is among the top industries to which Americans actively wish to transfer. The pandemic seems to have exacerbated these feelings, as Accountancy Age reported similar findings from a Totaljobs study in 2019 which demonstrated that auditors and accountants had the highest level of career satisfaction2. This comes as no surprise to anyone who works closely with those within the profession and the MICPA has been fortunate to hear these sentiments echoed by its members over the past year.

“We’re more than CPAs,” Regina Nock, CPA, principal at Capocore Professional Advisors and 2021 MICPA 4 Under 40 Award honoree says. “We’re marriage counselors, we’re education counselors, we’re business counselors…one of the hallmarks of being a good CPA is being an advisor and being there to listen. When it comes down to it their success is our success.” She adds, “It’s much bigger than me, and that’s what I like about my career; that I can use my expertise to help people be more comfortable and live the lives that they want to live.”

Dominic Ortiz, CPA, CGMA and CEO & GM Potawatomi Hotel and Casino, likens his career as a CPA to being an artist. “I always wanted to be an artist, had a full ride to go to art school, and I find that’s what I am today.” He adds, “A CPA allows you to see the financials and to paint these pictures and tell these stories that help people understand what’s happening now, what’s happening in the future and how we can help them.” 

Indeed, Ortiz and Nock illustrate beautifully one of the key reasons the accounting field is so desirable: purpose. So many MICPA members donate their time as members of boards, committees and other projects not because it brings accolades or additional money but because the work is fulfilling. Helping others understand the various elements of their business, from the tax code to financial strategies, offers personal reward and growth. The profession provides not just one path with a singular ladder to climb but a multitude of rewarding avenues and areas of specialization each with highly coveted skills and respected expertise. So…is it really any wonder that accounting is such a happy industry? We think not.

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Source: MICPA

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