5 Ways to Celebrate International Accounting Day



November 10 is known as International Accounting Day! Originally celebrated in San Francisco as Accounting Career Day in 1972, the exact date was chosen in honor of Luca Pacioli, considered the father of modern accounting, who published the first book containing double-entry bookkeeping on Nov. 10, 14941. So, how can we celebrate this most noble of holidays and show appreciation for the accountants and CPAs in our lives? Here are the MICPA’s top five picks!

  1. Sharing is caring. Get on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever social platform you prefer and get the word out by sharing accounting facts with your friends, family and professional network, many of whom probably don’t know anything about International Accounting Day. No official tags exist yet, but Fairy God Boss suggests using #internationalaccountingday #AccountingDay or #internationalaccountantsday1!
  2. Words of affirmation. Sometimes, taking the time to write a personalized note of appreciation can go a long way. Showing your support with a personalized message in a social media post on the company page for the department or your personal page for those in your network will be sure to make the CPAs in your life feel warm and fuzzy. Not a fan of social media? A signed card, either by you or the entire office, is another great way to provide that acknowledgement.
  3. Cash, gift certificates and perks. If you are a manager or leader, you can show your appreciation for those in your accounting department in more ways than one. According to Robert Half, gift cards or extra cash on payday is big way to give back to your hardworking accounting department. However, according to their list, your staff won’t turn their nose up at more paid time off either2!
  4. Fulfill an item on their wish list! Every organization has a wish list, some containing items from departments and some from individuals whose jobs are impacted by these items. According to Robert Half, from malfunctioning equipment to software upgrades, there is bound to be at least one item on the list you can deliver!
  5. Give the gift of learning. Because regulations, laws and standards are constantly changing, continued learning is a key component to maintaining the CPA license. Providing access to additional training, professional development or CPE courses is another great way to show appreciation for all the effort that goes into being a CPA. Visit the MICPA store to see if any offerings align with the needs of the CPA in your life!

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Source: MICPA

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