Change Wasn’t Built on a One-Legged Stool


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Like a stool supported by three legs, the MICPA protects and uplifts the CPA profession in Michigan via three main initiatives: direct advocacy, grassroots advocacy, and through contributions to our bi-partisan Political Action Committee (PAC). Each of these pillars provide the structure and support for elevating the CPA designation within our state capitol and allow the MICPA to be a voice for the profession.

Through direct advocacy, we educate lawmakers on the CPA profession, and provide feedback on legislation to avoid unintended consequences, such as those resulting from tax policy and regulatory changes. We are also able to work closely with state departments that have an impact on your daily work. Through grassroots advocacy we can connect elected officials with their CPA constituents, ensuring our MICPA members have the opportunity to create personal relationships and can share their perspectives and expertise with lawmakers. In 2021, we have had more than 200 members attend grassroots events across the state. Lastly, PAC contributions play a key role in the MICPA’s advocacy efforts. Through our bi-partisan PAC, we have the ability to support candidates whose decisions impact the CPA community.

Learn more about our recent accomplishments, donate to the PAC or reach out to our Government Relations team at to find out how you can get involved.

Source: MICPA

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