What Is an HR Compliance Checklist and Why Is It Important For Your Clients?


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Ensuring HR compliance is crucial for business success, but it can be complex. With an increase in employment laws and regulations, non-compliance poses a significant risk of penalties and fines. In fact, 23% of business leaders find it extremely or very challenging to maintain legal and regulatory compliance, and 25% of leaders expect this issue to be more challenging in the year ahead.1 This is where an HR compliance checklist can be helpful for your clients.

Payroll and Tax Compliance Review
When completing taxes and payroll for year-end, your clients can reference the HR end-of-year checklists for payroll and tax reporting to reduce the risk of reporting mistakes during year-end, including:

  • Verifying employee information
  • Double-checking W-2s
  • Preparing year-end documents for tax filings

Employee Benefits Compliance Review
Ensure your clients are prepared to refresh their benefits packages and complete the necessary tasks related to benefits compliance.

How To Keep Track of Compliance Reporting Deadlines
An HR compliance checklist is a great way for clients to stay on top of key due dates related to applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. A few examples of these predictable compliance deadlines include:

  • Filing W-2s
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting
  • EEO-1 reporting

Other deadlines may be more unpredictable or triggered by certain events, such as when you bring on a new hire or an employee leaves the organization. In such cases, knowing what’s required and what your window of time is to meet your responsibilities is the best way to prepare. Regardless of the type of deadline, an HR checklist is an effective way to have visibility into your business’s HR compliance-related tasks.

Preparing now can help your clients’ business run more smoothly at holiday time and beyond. Access the full article here.

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