Infrastructure Bill Brings More Uncertainty to Cryptocurrency

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, colloquially referred to as the infrastructure bill, was signed into last week, containing a number of tax code provisions. Among the included measures are considerations for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) and cryptocurrency financial reporting, both of which are generating some level of uncertainty among taxpayers.

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FASB Improves Transparency Around Government Grants

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) today issued an Accounting Standards Update (ASU) expected to increase transparency in financial reporting by requiring business entities to disclose, in notes to their financial statements, information about certain types of government assistance they receive. Examples of such government assistance include cash grants and grants of other assets.

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The Future of Work: No Take Backs

The current job market continues to fundamentally shift the dynamic of power between workers and employers in the professional realm. As offers of larger pay and sign on bonuses continue to increase, the MICPA weighs the importance of money against the value of flexibility.

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Help with Assessing the Pros and Cons of Term Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important consideration for people of all ages with many subscribers adjusting their policy over time to account for lifestyle changes. Term life insurance is evermore popular, especially among younger professionals, but when does this type of coverage make the most sense? The Paul Goebel Group breaks down the pros and cons associated with different Term life insurance options.

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5 Ways to Celebrate International Accounting Day

Tomorrow, Nov. 10, is International Accounting Day, but have you thought of ways to celebrate? If not, the MICPA has some ideas! Check out our top 5 ways to celebrate the accountants and CPAs in your life and/or organization!

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Fraudulent Expectations

Scam artists are growing more sophisticated every year, but not all organizations are managing to keep their security measures apace. Find out how you can keep you and your client’s data protected as new threats continually emerge.

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Bracing for Tax Season 2022

Experts agree that the 2022 tax season will be just as complex as the previous two, given the many tax code provisions included in recent (and potentially upcoming) federal pandemic relief legislation. Get the MICPA’s top strategies for preparing yourself and your clients for the tax season ahead.

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Are You Ready for Windows 11?

Earlier this month, Microsoft officially released its highly anticipated Windows 11 as a free upgrade to those who meet the criteria for eligibility. The release presents the largest overhaul to the operating system’s interface since Windows 8 but, more importantly, adds massive security updates. Find out if you’re ready for the upgrade as the MICPA breaks down some of the top considerations for those still on the fence.

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Can Your Organization Press the Decelerator on Turnover?

Recent studies confirm that turnover remains at unprecedented highs following a year of burnout and uncertainty. Businesses are strategizing their recruitment and retention playbooks, but are they considering the right factors?

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Wilmar Suan: Answering the Call to Serve

Wilmar Suan credits the CPA profession for opening many philanthropic doors. "We are a highly respected profession, and that trust resonates strongly in the Filipino community. I was raised to believe that we should never let an opportunity to do good pass us by. Being a CPA has made it possible for me to do more good than I had imagined possible." It's a two-way street for Wilmar, who also gives back to the profession he loves. "Everyone is so generous with their knowledge and quick to help. I'm proud to be part of my CPA community." With all that he's accomplished, there's little doubt that the CPA community is proud to call Wilmar one of their own as well.

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