Saving: The Best Habit for Financial Security

When it comes to mapping out your financial future, no habit is more important than that of saving. Securing a financial future is possible for everyone, regardless of income level, but it requires disciplined saving, which is the cornerstone of all good financial habits.

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The Beauty of a Sinking Fund

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and when it comes to personal finance, sinking funds are beautiful. This straightforward tool will allow you to plan for future expenses and have the money to pay for them. If you have ever created a budget but got lost with items that are not paid on a monthly basis, then a sinking fund can help you close the gap.

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Financial Wellness at Work

New reports indicate that organizations are beginning to see the financial wellness of their employees as an area in which they can provide a benefit. While it may not be an organization’s responsibility to ensure employee financial fitness, reports indicate that those with financial wellness programs built into their benefit offerings experience higher productivity, engagement and loyalty among employees.

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CPAs Say You Should Do These 7 Things Before You File Your Taxes

As we approach this year’s tax filing deadline of Apr. 18, even if you haven’t filed your return yet, you probably have a game plan in place for getting it done. That said, here are some last-minute filing tips and things you should do before you file your taxes:

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Financial Literacy Implications on Financial Stewardship

Is access to resources the key to financial wellness? Find out why MICPA member Angel Stallings, CPA, accounting coordinator for the Detroit Pistons, says it’s important for students from all socioeconomic backgrounds to learn how to stretch a dollar. Plus, how exactly does one go about graduating debt free these days, anyway?

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Man and Woman looking over finances together

Managing Money as a Couple

Money means different things to different people and every couple operates uniquely. While what my wife and I do works well for us, it may not work well for you and yours. Rather than tell you about the specific strategies and transactions we make as a couple, here are a few steps and principles to serve as a guide for financial (and marital) bliss.

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Financial Literacy is not a One-Time Thing

Each April, we are encouraged to focus on achieving financial literacy. However, in my opinion, financial literacy is a year-round effort. Especially in today’s economic environment of inflation where gas price hikes, product shortages and rising food prices make a certain degree of financial awareness more important than ever.

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The State of Financial Literacy in 2022

Recent studies indicate that despite recent progress toward making personal finance a requirement in public education, most Americans are still struggling to build strong financial foundations. Throughout the month of April, join the MICPA as we explore the current state of Financial Literacy, from policy initiatives and progress to emerging issues and member insights.

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Scholarships Open Right Now, That You Can Apply for Right Now!

Finding additional funding for college is something many students struggle with but knowing where to start is half the battle. That’s why the MICPA has put together this list of scholarship opportunities still available for application, but don’t delay – some of these applications close tonight at 8:59 p.m. EST!

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DUNS Transition to UEI Extended 16 Months to April 2022

The Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number was originally due for replacement by the end of 2020. Due to recent events, however, the transition from DUNS to the new Unique Entity Identifier number has been extended to Apr. 2022. Find out how this transition is set to take place within the System for Award Management ( and what other new protocols within are already underway.

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