Political Action Committee (PAC)

What is PAC?

Investments to the MICPA’s bipartisan Political Action Committee (PAC) help ensure that CPAs and their professional interests remain visible and are well represented in the public policy-making process. This is accomplished by educating, providing support and fostering relationships with various elected officials and candidates who help drive the interest of the profession.




The CPA profession is highly regulated and the MICPA PAC helps impact decisions affecting your livelihood in the state capitol.

PAC allows us to build positive relationships in key areas of government such as the Michigan Department of Treasury.

Your PAC dollars are also used to educate lawmakers regarding issues that are important to the profession.

Your investment helps support candidates for state office who uphold the interests of CPAs.



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A contribution of $250 or more qualifies you for an MICPA PAC pullover!

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The MICPA Political Education Fund (PEF)PEF

The MICPA Political Education Fund makes use of contributions from firms and corporations to fund advocacy initiatives for the betterment of the CPA profession. These initiatives can include campaigns to provide education about a particular issue, as well as grassroots events and fundraising for PAC. Money contributed to the PEF cannot be used to fund any candidate committee or PAC that contributes to any political campaign.