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  • Federal Tax Camp with Jack Surgent

    10/20/2015 - Livonia, MI
    Both businesses and individual clients will be affected by all of the tax changes that require the tax advisor to engage in extensive tax planning. Not only will you be updated on the most important tax issues that require your attention, but this course will also review the major trends and changes in the case and regulatory law. Included is full coverage of all tax changes with a view toward planning.
  • Revenue Recognition: Mastering the New FASB Requirements

    10/21/2015 - Livonia, MI
    The effective date of the new accounting standard for revenue recognition is fast approaching! With the issuance of FASB ASU No. 2014-09, Revenue from Contracts with Customers, FASB has completed a convergence project with the IASB to improve financial reporting by creating common revenue recognition guidance for U.S. GAAP and IFRS. For years, revenue recognition has been the cause of audit failures and the focus of corporate abuse and fraud allegations. This course will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the framework for revenue recognition built around the core principle that is applied in a five step process. In addition, understanding the changes and new requirements is critical for successful implementation of this new standard. Supported by practical examples, this course will assist you in avoiding revenue recognition traps and provide you with latest FASB guidance. In addition, you will understand how the new guidance impacts certain industries as a result of new criteria for recognizing revenue and changes in disclosure requirements.
  • Auditing Beyond the Checklist & Essential Audit Interviewing Skills

    10/21/2015 - Livonia, MI
    Formerly: Information Archeology: Beyond the Checklist & Essential Interviewing Skills Whether it's the one size fits all trap or the more information is always better bias, invisible influences cause us to continue using outdated procedures and misdiagnose new risks. We assume that more information, sophisticated methods of analysis, and greater experience will lead us to the most accurate decisions, but surprisingly ten experts given the same information can end with ten conclusions. You'll participate in highly interactive exercises that expose bugs in thinking and give you the tools to examine and improve their judgment. Additionally, personal skills and the ability to adapt to changing situations are critical competencies. These important skills increase efficiency, support audit quality and reduce the likelihood of missing critical information. The importance of conducting successful interviews in the fact-finding process makes it one of the most important soft skills today. Audit guidelines emphasize the importance of interviewing skills in detecting waste, abuse and fraud. You'll delve into the latest behavioral research showing how to most effectively interpret, translate and communicate our results and have the greatest positive impact for our clients, our firms, and ourselves.
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  • The Value of Membership

    The Value of Membership

    MICPA members at the Crain's CFO Awards speak up about the value of membership.

  • Report CPE Electronically - A Video Message from MICPA Chair Doug Roosa

    Report CPE Electronically - A Video Message from MICPA Chair Doug Roosa

    Thanks to the MICPA CPE Tracker, Michigan CPAs will now be able to report their CPE to the State electronically at license renewal time. Take a look at this video message from MICPA Chair of the Board Doug Roosa to learn more.

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