• Disney’s New CFO Is Its Highest-ranking Woman Ever

    When Disney’s Christine McCarthy was promoted this week to chief financial officer, she didn’t just become the company’s first female CFO. She also became its most senior female executive ever, Bloomberg points out.
  • MICPA member wins big with MICPA and Shinola Detroit

    To celebrate MICPA members and the end of the CPE reporting year, the MICPA assembled a special promotion: members who registered for a new CPE program between June 10 and June 30 would be entered to win a $750 gift certificate from Shinola Detroit.
  • Will simpler also be better?

    It should be no surprise that accounting standards have become more complex over the years. Transactions have become increasingly challenging as new products and services emerge and financial instruments become more complicated in a global economy.
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  • Lunch & Learn: The Latest and Greatest in Ethics

    7/17/2015 - Troy, MI
    This joint session will feature two-separate interactive 50-minute Ethics sessions offered together in one program. Ethics and Record Retention – More Information on a Continuing ProblemRequirements surrounding record retention continue to leave many practitioners confused. What documents must you keep, how long must you keep them and which can you destroy? Discuss why it is important to understand the requirements and the potential impact it can have on both the client and the CPA firm. Evil Personified: Why Ethical People Do Unethical ThingsEthical people, including accountants, sometimes do unethical things. Not often, but when they do, we ask ourselves, “Why?” This workshop considers the basic notion of “ethical people” versus “unethical people” and examines the spectrum of good and bad behavior that characterizes every reasonable human. We go far beyond the traditional “fraud triangle” to consider ethical leadership, moral awareness, counter-ethical organizational incentives, psychological factors, and “bad barrels” that yield bad apples. Real cases involving unethical behavior by accountants are discussed openly and honestly. We are excited to incorporate a new innovative and interactive survey tool at this event. This technology allows the speaker to poll attendees in order to tailor the presentation and discuss case studies. Participants can also submit questions and comments to the speaker in real-time. To participate, please bring a wifi capable electronic device to the event and instructions will be provided onsite. Innovation driven by:
  • Audits of 401(k) Plans: Responding to the DOL Report on Employee Beneift Plan Audit Quality

    8/6/2015 - Lansing, MI
    401(k) plans are a popular option for employee benefit plans, so you must have the proper skills to audit these plans effectively. Audit quality of these plans are on the DOL’s radar and it isn’t changing any time soon. Every aspect of how to audit a 401(k) plan and prepare financial statements that satisfy ERISA and SEC requirements are covered in this course. Learn best practices to plan and conduct 401(k) audits more efficiently, effectively and understand the differences between 401(k) audits and other employee benefit plan audits. Deficiencies as defined in the spring 2015 DOL study, released on May 28, 2015, are tied into every relevant piece of the program. This is all about doing it “right.”
  • Working Lunch Presentation: Caring for Your Older Clients: Scientific, Legal and Ethical Considerations - 2015

    8/19/2015 - Battle Creek, MI
    Your older client is different than in previous interactions. The client does not seem to be as engaged in the conversation about a tax issue, new financial decision or transaction, and you are wondering what you should do. Cognitive decline, sometimes even mild decline, can significantly impact financial decision making. Now what? How do you assess financial decision making abilities, what do you do if a client appears impaired and who should also be involved in finding the best solution? This workshop combines science, law and ethics in sorting out these situations. We provide lunch while Dr. Peter Lichtenberg, a Geriatric Neuropsychologist and Sandy Mall, a leading Certified Elder Law Attorney, lead the instruction and discussion around these issues, sharing a new tool designed specifically to assess your client's capacity to make a financial decision or transaction that they want to make. He presents case studies based on facts that your colleagues have shared using this new screening scale and share larger data on the scale’s validation. Sandy provides a framework for working with clients and families when decision making is impaired. He discusses the scope of a CPA's professional, ethical and fiduciary duties when working with a client with impaired decisional abilities and also provides recommended best practices that you can use to better protect your clients and yourself.
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    Report CPE Electronically: A Video Message from MICPA Chair Doug Roosa

    Report CPE Electronically: A Video Message from MICPA Chair Doug Roosa.

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