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Michigan CPAs get real as we take it ‘off the ledger’ and cover everything from stories, personal financial tips, leadership development to honestly- who knows? We’re just getting started! Tune in as the MICPA interviews a variety of CPA guests ‘Off the Ledger’.
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Transformation is an Inside Job

This month Joe talks with Charlotte Stallings, president and CEO of Charlotte Stallings Enterprises in Houston, TX. Together they explore the idea of transformation being an inside job, discussing how embracing change and overcoming internal obstacles are crucial for personal and professional growth.






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Recent Episodes







In this episode, Joe is joined by former US Attorney, Barbara McQuade, to explore the pervasive issue of disinformation. They discuss the deliberate spread of misleading information and its impact on society and professions like accounting with an emphasis on the importance of upholding facts and integrity, offering insights into combating disinformation, and promoting ethical leadership.



Regulating Success


This month, MICPA Government Relations Director LaShawn Thomas joins Joe in a discussion on "regulating success" in the accounting profession. Explore legislative updates, licensure nuances and the importance of educating lawmakers, all with a dash of CPA-themed humor.



Volunteer Vanguard


This month, Joe discusses the significance of volunteering for CPAs with Jamie Lopiccolo, CPA, CGMA, founder and managing member of Capocore Professional Advisors. Jamie shares his path from the Small Practitioners Task Force to Chair of the Board of Directors for MICPA, highlighting the valuable skills CPAs offer in governance and the rewards of volunteering, such as professional development and networking opportunities.



Balancing the Books: The CPA Shortage


This month, Joe explores the CPA shortage crisis with special guest Michelle Watterworth, CPA and partner at Plante Moran. Together, they explore the collaborative efforts of the AICPA and the National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers ,and Treasurers (NASACT). Michelle offers insights into strategies for attracting and retaining CPAs, and provides a sneak peek into an upcoming co-branded paper set to be released later this year.



Entrepreneurism: At a Glantz


Explore the world of entrepreneurship with Paul Glantz, CPA, MST, chairman and co-founder of Emagine Entertainment, Inc., and member of the MICPA board of directors. Join the conversation as Paul shares his remarkable journey into the entertainment space and the invaluable role his CPA background has played in navigating challenges and seizing opportunities.



I am 23 Going on 24


Get ready for an exclusive year-end conversation tailored just for our MICPA members! Special guest Bob Doyle, MICPA president and CEO, reflects on the defining moments of 2023. From unique member experiences to bolstering the future of accounting, this episode offers an insider's perspective on what shapes our MICPA community, setting the stage for an exciting new year.



Business in a Box


This month's guest Mark Cory, CPA, Founder, and President of FranNet of Michigan explores the crucial role CPAs play in guiding clients through franchise opportunities. Mark walks through the key elements of financial evaluation, investment options, and the strategic vision necessary for successful "business in a box" ownership.





The Right Tools for Building a Better Nonprofit Strategy


This month, our host Joe Colosi is joined by Leon LaBrecque, JD, CPA, CFP, CFA, Consultant, Problem Solver, Thinker, and Speaker with Sequoia Financial Group, Troy, to discuss creating a strategic toolbox for nonprofits, covering team alignment, efficient processes, and strategy implementation.





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