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Michigan CPAs get real as we take it ‘off the ledger’ and cover everything from stories, personal financial tips, leadership development to honestly- who knows? We’re just getting started! Tune in as the MICPA interviews a variety of CPA guests ‘Off the Ledger’.
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Business in a Box

This month's guest Mark Cory, CPA, Founder, and President of FranNet of Michigan explores the crucial role CPAs play in guiding clients through franchise opportunities. Mark walks through the key elements of financial evaluation, investment options, and the strategic vision necessary for successful "business in a box" ownership.


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Recent Episodes

The Right Tools for Building a Better Nonprofit Strategy


This month, our host Joe Colosi is joined by Leon LaBrecque, JD, CPA, CFP, CFA, Consultant, Problem Solver, Thinker, and Speaker with Sequoia Financial Group, Troy, to discuss creating a strategic toolbox for nonprofits, covering team alignment, efficient processes, and strategy implementation.

A Blockchain Success Story


Joe is joined by MICPA member Jeff Rayis, CPA, CTP, MBA, assistant vice president of treasury and financial management at Michigan State University to discuss the university's development of a new paradigm for raising capital using blockchain distributed ledger technology.

Making the Case for Good Character


Are people born with good character or is it a skill that can be honed? This month, Joe Colosi is joined by Stephanie L. Bowie, CEO, CPA, MBA of B. Empowered Leadership Academy, LLC as she shares her insights from over a decade of teaching leadership and financial management to soldiers as part of the U.S. Army Reserve. Hear Stephanie's take on how good character impacts decisions, leadership, and results.

Navigating Tax Compliance in the World of Remote Work

Join Joe in this episode as he talks with Fernando Juarez, Esq., LL.M., EA, member of Freeman Law, PLLC in Frisco, Texas. Together, they delve into the world of tax compliance for United States employees working abroad amidst the rise of remote work, uncovering the complexities and implications involved.

The 7 Simple Habits of Inclusive Leaders

Are these the habits of your leadership style? Our host, Joe Colosi, connects with Melissa Majors, CEO of Melissa Majors Consulting in Dallas, Texas, fresh off of her keynote presentation at MICPA Elevate to discover the habits of inclusive leadership.

Time to PAC


You’ve heard the acronym. You might even know what it stands for. But what exactly is PAC as it relates to you? This month Joe sits down with Matthew Kidd, CPA, PFS from Blunden & Kidd Accounting & Consulting PC to talk about what exactly PAC does for the CPA profession and its importance.

What You Get Out of Giving Back

As we wrap up National Volunteer Month, Joe sits down with Amanda Sayn, CPA, CFF, Manager at ShindelRock and Chair of the MICPA Emerging Leaders Task Force to talk about what she has learned from volunteering, how it has helped her progress in her career, and how YOU can get involved with volunteer groups at the MICPA.

Top Skills For New CPAs

What do sweeping floors, a human library and Jurassic Park have in common? Chair of the MICPA Board of Directors, Michelle Randall, CPA, CGMA, professor of accounting, Schoolcraft College, answers this riddle and shares the top three unexpected skills new CPAs need for success.

CPAs in Industry

As an intern at Plante Moran, Rebecca (Becky) Stoutenger, CPA, asked her clients, “What was your path to becoming a CFO?” Now a controller at FlavorSum, Becky sits down with Joe to talk about her own journey to accounting in industry, including the benefits of starting in public accounting.

Building an Ethical Culture

Ethics are the foundation of the CPA profession. How do we ensure that we hold ourselves and our firms to the highest ethical standards? Joe meets with Clare Levison, CPA, CGMA, owner, Inspired Responsibility in Blacksburg, Virginia to discuss how our behavior in and outside of work reflects on the profession.

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