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Michigan CPAs get real as we take it ‘off the ledger’ and cover everything from stories, personal financial tips, leadership development to honestly- who knows? We’re just getting started! Tune in as the MICPA interviews a variety of CPA guests ‘Off the Ledger’.
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The Parallels of Networking and Love

Professional networking and finding a soul mate just don’t compare, right? Oh, but they do! Find out how as Joe sits down with MICPA board member Matthew Kidd, CPA, Blunden & Kidd Accounting & Consulting PC, to talk about all things networking, from best practices for newcomers to its future. And who knows, you might just get some good relationship tips, too.

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The Intersection of Accounting and Technology

Can you imagine doing your job without a computer? Our guest, MICPA Board Member Jamie Lopiccolo, CPA, CGMA, Capocore Professional Advisors, has been there. Listen in as Joe and Jamie discuss the way technology has evolved and changed the accounting profession, and make some predictions about where it could take the profession in the future.

Diversity in the Accounting Profession

This month’s guest, Alan Young, CPA, MST, and CGMA, Managing Partner of Alan C. Young and Associates tells us, “Entrepreneurs are made by either a dream or necessity.” For Alan, it was a bit of both. Join us as Alan sits down with Joe to share his experience in starting a minority-owned firm, and why this exceptionally diverse firm was as much of an opportunity as it was a necessity.

Here's to New Beginnings!

Remember reading “Choose Your Own Adventure” books when you were a kid? Having the CPA designation is a lot like that – it offers so many options and “adventures” for your career, and the chance at many new beginnings. Join us as Joe sits down with Deborah Habel, CPA and professor at Wayne State University to talk about shoulder pads, serendipitous decisions and the adventures she encountered on her career path.

New Year’s Resolution: Have an Attitude of Gratitude in 2022

Cliché? Maybe. True? For sure. Flipping the calendar to a new year offers each of us a fresh start. This month, Joe sits down with MICPA President and CEO, Bob Doyle, to hear his thoughts on resolutions, mindfulness, and appreciating both the good and bad in our lives. If you are looking for inspiration to start 2022 off on the right foot, this episode is a great place to begin!

“Fine, I’ll Do it Myself” – CPAs as Entrepreneurs

Have you ever looked at your career and thought, “There must be a better way to do this”? Do you want to take what you’ve learned and break the mold? This month, Joe sits down with Kaleb Grapp, CPA, and Aaron Lerash, CPA, partners of Grapp Lerash, to talk about what sparked their entrepreneurial fire and discuss their journey to pursue their passion and start their own firm.

Grabbing the Brass Ring

Is it just me, or does it feel like it’s a little harder to get noticed in a virtual or hybrid work environment? This month, Joe talks to Victor Hicks, Owner and Managing Principal of Lumin Financial, about ways to seize and create opportunities for career growth while working virtually.

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