The COVID-19 Crisis & The New Era Of The Workplace

The COVID-19 crisis and the Five Lands Journey



There is no doubt that we all live and operate in a profoundly changed reality, in which the state of continuous change has become the "new normal." In general, technology, globalization, regulation, the new generations, talent mobility and a new socioeconomic order are all changing the face of the workplace and creating enormous challenges and opportunities for all professions and industries.

Nearly nine years ago, while working with KPMG Israel, I created an inclusive conceptual framework of skills for the new era of the workplace, supporting leaders and employees in their personal and professional journey to upskill themselves and be ready for a fourth Industrial Revolution: the Five Lands Model. Since then, I have supported thousands of accountants and advisors in various positions, helping them acquire the skills they need to deal successfully with the ever-changing reality, characterized by complexity and uncertainty. (The main conclusions of this work were summarized in my book, “Riding the White Water Rapids: the Story of My Success at KPMG;” you can download a free PDF of the book at

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Source: Accounting Today

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