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It’s the Network, For Me…

The importance of building a strong professional network cannot be understated, especially in a profession as nuanced as accounting. You never know when you may need to call on an expert for insight on a niche topic or advice on applying freshly updated standards. Find out how the MICPA is uniquely positioned to help its members connect with other CPAs, especially for those who aren’t surrounded by other accountants at work, and how you can start building these relationships before the year is over!

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Tips for Handling Business Clients with Unpaid Payroll Taxes

The IRS treats unpaid payroll taxes very seriously. In fact, 72% of all tax revenue comes in the form of these payroll taxes held “in trust” by an employer on behalf of their employees” credited withholding for the IRS. Delinquent payroll taxes can snowball into an avalanche of accumulated IRS debt very quickly. Expert tax attorney, Venar Ayar, JD, LLM, founder of Ayar Law, shares how to best handle these potentially devastating tax situations, which could threaten to wipe out a client’s business.

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Connecting Future Generations to the World of Accounting

Expanding the CPA pipeline is a top priority within the profession, and the MICPA is making moves by taking steps to bring today’s industry into the classroom. Find out how our partnership with the AICPA and other state societies is bringing CPAs and accounting college students to high schools all over Michigan this November. Plus, find out how you can help the State of Michigan implement the recently passed HB5190, which adds financial literacy to the state high school required curriculum.

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The Imitation Principle: 3 Ways to Relate to Humans Again

Recent reports suggest that many people are experiencing what experts call re-entry anxiety following two years of remote work and social distancing, but how long until we all feel normal again? MICPA 2022 Accelerate keynote speaker Mark Ostach says the distance some professionals might be feeling between themselves and their colleagues, friends or even family could be due to the Imitation Principal.

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Inflation Reduction Act Targets Increased Revenue Through IRS Funding, Audits

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) includes several provisions for funding the IRS, climate reform and healthcare. Paychex breaks down the most relevant components, including the Premium Tax Credit extension, the 15% minimum tax on corporations and more.

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Inflation Reduction Act: Introducing Clean Energy Credits to Your Clients

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) created several new tax provisions and expanded some that already existed. Despite many of these provisions lacking key details and others not coming into effect until 2024, experts are cautioning financial advisors to prepare now to field client inquiries.

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Ready to Sell: How Accounting Practices Are Sold

Those new to the idea of selling a firm may find the very idea of it intimidating, especially when it comes to knowing where to start the process. According to APS Holmes Group, the selling process begins with knowing the four different methods of sales availabl

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Accelerating Soft Skills in Leadership

Are technical skills taking a backseat to soft skills? Not exactly, but recent reports do suggest they are rising in importance, and could be the difference between simply getting a recruiter’s attention and actually landing the job…

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MICPA Celebrates 2022 Outgoing Board Members, Announces New Additions

The MICPA Board of Directors will begin a new term in October, which means the annual shuffle is underway. Join us as we recognize our outgoing board members, including for their hard work and dedication and get to know those who will be joining the board for the first time.

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Primary Elections Set the Stage for November:

The Michigan primary election is over, setting the stage for the gubernatorial and congressional races in November. Between new district lines and term limits, these primary results will have a significant impact on Michigan’s political landscape, resulting in at least 57 freshman elected officials headed to Lansing in January.

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