140K Michigan Unemployment Claims Flagged For Fraud

At least 140,000 of the 340,000 unemployment accounts flagged for potential fraud by Michigan’s unemployment agency have since been confirmed as legitimate, officials said Friday.

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U.S. Pauses OECD Talks After Expressing Concern Over Digital Tax

Some countries want to be able to tax profits of digital companies like Facebook and Apple inside of their jurisdiction; that's at odds with the United States' position on these matters. The OECD is helping to guide the conversation with the G20 to resolve these key tax issues.

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How To Become Friends With Your Coworkers While Working Remotely

It’s an obvious statement: One thing that makes people feel good about their workplace is having friends at work. You’re more likely to be excited about engaging with your work if you genuinely like the people you work with.

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New PPP Law Changes Since June 5 - The Wild Ride

The Treasury Department does not consider the 60% requirement, which replaced the 75% requirement as to amounts spent on "Payroll costs" to be a "Cliff." If a PPP borrower cannot spend 60% or more of the loan proceeds during the 8- or 24-week testing period on payroll, state and local payroll taxes, group health insurance and retirement plan contributions, then there will nevertheless be PPP loan forgiveness based upon whatever is spent on the above "Payroll costs," plus up to 66% of the amount spent on the above items, to the extent of permissible rent, interest and utility expenses.

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Financial Strategies For The Next Wave Of COVID-19

Events like COVID-19 are considered “Black Swans”. They are unpredictable and typically have severe consequences. They also create “losers” and “winners.” In addition to COVID-19, Black Swan events have included the 9-11 terrorist attack, the 2008 financi

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New Scholarship Opportunity For CPA Candidates

The AICPA is addressing the financial barrier some face when pursuing the CPA Exam. It’s launching the first-ever CPA Exam Scholarship, funded by the AICPA Foundation. The scholarship reimburses up to $1,500 for CPA Exam fees and exam preparatory courses. Have candidates review eligibility requirements and apply by the July 31 deadline.

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Rehmann Named Among Best CPA Firms

Rehmann, a fully integrated financial services and advisory firm, has been named among Best Firms for Equity Leadership. This is the first time Rehmann has received this recognition which is reserved for those firms in which women account for at least 30 percent of their owner and principal group.

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Considerations Before Reopening Your Office

Reopening your office isn’t as simple as starting your car. Make sure to develop a comprehensive plan, take employee feedback into account and communicate all new policies to staff.

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What If I Don't Earn my 40 hours Of CPE By June 30?

CPAs must earn 40 hours of continuing professional education each year, with a total of 80 hours reported in order to renew their license. (See details of how the 40 hours is broken down.)

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GASB Addresses Subscription-Based Tech Arrangements

GASB issued accounting and financial reporting guidance Friday for subscription-based information technology arrangements used by state and local governments.

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