10 Simple Tips

Are you prepared or underinsured? These 10 Simple Tips provide straight answers to frequently asked questions about life insurance, so you can make the best decision for you and those you care about.

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Scam Letters Make Rounds in Michigan Taxpayer Mailboxes

Scams are off the charts in 2020, due largely in part to the coronavirus and the many opportunities it presents to fraudsters from medical equipment sales to government relief funds. This year, the IRS has warned taxpayers and professionals about several potential threats including phishing , social media and phone scams. Today, Michiganders are receiving a similar warning from the Michigan Treasury Department involving letters sent to taxpayers via the USPS.

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Four Ways To Overcome Remote Work Stumbling Blocks

Productivity issues related to distractions in the remote workplace, poor time management habits, and insufficient communication tools and technology are another area you'll need to address as a remote manager.

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Studies Show Remote Work Could Be a Big Plus For Mental Mealth

A survey by job search engine FlexJobs found that nearly half of Americans working remotely are happy with their current work-life balance — and they want to continue working from home following the coronavirus pandemic.

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Have We Hust Stumbled On the Biggest Productivity Increase Of the Century?

One of the most striking responses to the Covid-19 pandemic has been the sudden shift of around half the workforce to working at home.

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Returning to Work

With the United States leading the world in confirmed coronavirus-related cases and deaths, the effects of the global crisis persist. Businesses including mom-and-pop shops, hotels, restaurants, schools, airlines, and professional service firms are faced with the same questions — how to continue business operations, how to keep people safe, and what will the environment look like after the pandemic finally ends.

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MICPA Members Work With MRA On Annual Financial Statement FAQs

MICPA members are frequently called up for their expertise on topics in both the private and public realm. Most recently, the MICPA Marijuana Workgroup worked with the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) for input on the agency’s 2020 Annual Financial Statement (AFS) frequently asked questions (FAQ) document.

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Federal Workers Face Payroll Tax Deferment

While the private sector holds on their decision to participate in the payroll tax holiday for now, eligible federal employees lack an option to decline and will therefore be enrolled automatically this month. MICPA member Ben Rybicki, CPA, Doeren Mayhew, weighs in on the tough choices employers face as they consult with financial advisors on the payroll tax holiday as well as the challenges facing the accounting profession ahead in 2021.  

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Sustainability Standards

In an effort to combat confusion and coordinate corporate sustainability metrics and standards, five international framework and standard-setting institutions have pledged to do more, and better. As wildfires, heatwaves and hurricanes ravage the globe, now truly is the time for a global solution. Which is why, according to the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) CEO Kevin Dancey, an International Sustainability Standards Board is necessary.

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6 Ways to Streamline Your Company’s Accounting Process

Some card companies specifically market credit cards or fuel cards for small business. One of the many advantages these cards offer is the capability to enjoy consolidated receipts for your company’s purchases. This is particularly beneficial if you have multiple employees who need to make purchases on behalf of your business. There is no longer any need for dealing with stacks of paper receipts and time-consuming expense reports when you have the option to eliminate them and enjoy consolidated receipts from your fuel card or credit card issuer.

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